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5 Apr 2017 Everything you need to know about the Skywalker OG hybrid strain: medical Skywalker's THC content can vary from 13% - 19%, putting its  An indica strain bred from the genetic backbone of West Coast cannabis, OG Kush. This is pure This oh-so potent indica strain is a cross of Skywalker and the hugely-popular OG Kush. Get ready for some serious Kingpen level relaxation. Skywalker OG Kush cannabis is a combination of Dutch Passions Skywalker Pain Relief, Migraines, Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia. Potency THC – 20.1% CBD  Find Skywalker Ghost x Triangle Kush cannabis seeds near me for sale online from I49 Seed Bank. Get Skywalker THC Content: 22-29% Citrus and earthy  7 Nov 2018 With one of the highest THC levels of any cannabis strain, Skywalker OG is a powerful relaxant. Those with extreme anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, 

Platinum Skywalker OG is a variety of the OG Kush strain of marijuana. You can enjoy a THC level of around 19 per cent and a CBD level of up to 0.23 per 

Cannabis strains bred and grown commercially have been branded with more than 2,300 3X Crazy; 8 Ball Kush; A-10; Abusive OG; Afghani; Afghani Bullrider; Afghan Kush; Afghan Skunk; Afgoo; Afgooey; Alien Dawg; Alien "99 Percent of All Marijuana Plants Eradicated In US Is Feral Hemp, Federal Data Reveals". You will not find an OG strain which has more THC than this beauty. The THC level on Skywalker OG Weed Strain is always near 20%, which is enough to give 

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Skywalker OG is an Indica dominant 85/15 strain that is well known for it’s extreme relaxing effects, and head-in-the-clouds euphoric high. Skywalker OG Flavor Vape Pen Cartridge THC | Skywalker OG by HONEY ® is the most heavy hitting and mind expansive of our entire product line. For many, this means use at the end of the day or when you are done with all of your responsibilities. Characteristic anticipated effects are it is excellent for knocking out mental stress. Skywalker OG by HONEY Skywalker OG Strain of Marijuana | Weed | Cannabis - Herb Sometimes, you need something strong. Skywalker OG is an indica-dominant hybrid that constantly produces high-THC (similar to girl scout cookies weed).This strain may not be the best for new cannabis consumers, but die-hard kush fans should put this strain on their list.

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Skywalker OG flower - Skywalker OG Buy Skywalker OG Marijuana Flower Online. Skywalker OG is a 50/50 indica/sativa strain that is known for its cerebral and uplifting high. It has a very fruity and piney flavor, with high notes of blueberry in particular. Its THC level can range from a modest 15 to a more potent 23% and can be extremely sedating, so be sure to use at night, or a